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Initial configuration

This section lists the steps for the initial configuration of the devices:

  1. Customer code scan.
  2. Selection of the device type (shop assistant / fitting room), main office and department.

Scan customer code

Scan the QR code which corresponds to your customer number. You get the QR code from you management page, under the section "License Info".


Select device type, location, department

Choose the type of device you wish to configure and remember that only the tablet can be used as a fitting room.

Then choose the location and the department you wish the device to be linked with.

For the fitting rooms you can link a number. Yet, each fitting room must carry a different number.

Click the "save device" button and your information will be saved.

Restart app

After you save, a message to restart will display. By pressing the ok button, the application will close. Start the application again to use bfit!

Manage fitting room

This section will explain the features of the fitting room:

  1. Barcode scanning.
  2. Staff responses management.

Scan item

Scan the item barcode to get the information about the item selected, with the option to choose a different size.

Choose size

The information and sizes available for the item selected are displayed after scanning the barcode.

If you click the buttons on the screen right side , you will send your request for a change in size to the shop assistant.

Instead, click the button "cancel request", and you will delete your request and make a new one.

Message management

After selecting the size, you have to wait for the shop assistant’s reaction. You can meantime cancel your request and make a new one.

When the shop assistant receives your request, a feedback will display.

When the shop assistant is about to get to the fitting room where you are, you will receive the incoming message.

If the item is not available, a message will display and a new request can be submitted.


Shop assistant functions

This section will explain the shop assistant role:

  1. Request handling.
  2. Change of size handling

Request handling

When getting a request from the customer, the shop assistant can choose to accept or close it.

If accepted, a communication will be sent to the fitting room accordingly.

Instead, if rejected, the operation will be cancelled.

Change of size handling

The fitting room sending the request will be shown as well as the item code with related description and picture and then the new size required

The shop assistant can then report whether the item is available or sold out.

Each of the above actions will send the fitting room a notice confirming that the item is available and the shop assistant is coming or that the item is not available at the moment.

After the request is handled, the operation can be closed.

Voice commands

You can use voice commands to handle the requests. The commands to accept or cancel the request must be followed by the name of the fitting room specifically involved (eg: "ok 1", "stop 1", etc ...).

Below is a list of commands:

  • "Item" + "fitting room number": by this command all the information about the item requested by that fitting room will be reproduced.
  • "Repeat": by this command all the open requests from the fitting rooms will be repeated.

Before accepting / deleting a request:

  • "Ok" + "fitting room number": by this command the request from that fitting room will be accepted.
  • "Stop" + "fitting room number": with this command the request for the fitting room will be closed.

After accepting a request:

  • "Ok" + "fitting room number": by this command a notice that the item requested is available will be sent to that fitting room.
  • "Stop" + "fitting room number": by this command a notice that the item requested is not available will be sent to that fitting room.

Web Management

This section lists the features of the web management portal:

  1. Login.
  2. Dashboard.
  3. Items and additional fields.
  4. Items lines .
  5. Item sizes.
  6. Device.
  7. Locations.
  8. Departments.
  9. Report.
  10. Licence information.
  11. Profile.


On this page you can log in using your own credentials.


This page displays a summary of all information regarding branchs, items and devices.


In this page it is possible to view all the inserted articles. You can also extend the table by creating new additional fields.


On this page you can view the lines of the articles and insert new ones.


This page lists the sizes to be associated with the various articles. You can add new ones, edit or delete them.


This page displays all the devices connected to the application.



This page lists the branchs where the application can be used. You can add new ones.



This page lists the departments of each location. You can add new ones.


This page displays statistics based on the operations performed by the application. You can customize it to get the information you want.

License Information

This page lists the customer's license information and the ability to view the QR code needed to configure the application.

The expiration dates of the devices purchased are also listed.

Profile edit

By clicking on the logo at the top right you can edit the profile information, change the password and upload the necessary images for the mobile application. You can also enable or disable the voice assistant and request notification sound.